How To Run A Company Remotely If There Is Quarantine Outside

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As the world is facing COVID-19 (Coronavirus Pandemic) and every one is said to be quarantined for some time, no one knows for how long. A complete quarantine means you can’t get out of your home in any condition so that you stay safe. You can’t shop for groceries, you can’t have dinner outside, and you can’t go to your office. Oops! What about your work now? Most important your every family member should stay home as they are also living around you. Feeling inconvenient? That is because you have no idea how to survive in quarantine time. We have discussed how to work from home in our article, ‘one of the best habits to increase productivity at home’. Now, we are going to discuss how to run a company remotely if there is quarantine outside.

How to help your employees if you are a leader or manager?

First of all, you need to make sure your employees are not feeling insecure and unsure. You need to tell them that we are going to make it no matter what. After that, check if there is a proper infrastructure. Do everyone have a laptop? Do everyone have access to the remote technologies and software through which you all get connected? Will they able to do conference calls? At what time every one get free and access the work? Keep in mind and make sure not a single employee left behind. You guys are a team.

Check if everyone is perfectly ready for the remote work?

The second’s things that come get ready for the work. Now that not only includes a desk and table but you need to get sure that your employees are ready for the remote work psychologically. Create a routine that is well-suitable for everyone in your team. Make a schedule and fixed the start and end time. Take a cold shower. Get professionally dressed. Make sure your team doesn’t feel lonely or isolated.

How often you all should communicate and on what platform?

Discuss the work affairs now. You have everything basic plans. Plan about how often you should communicate and check-ins. No one knows how long it will last but we need to get prepared for it. Follow a well-organized team schedule and figure out everything about the communication. How should you communicate? Should it a video calls, phone calls, Slack or Skype? Fix your lunch breaks and coffee breaks, if possible have a walk breaks too.

What should you do to create an effective remote culture?

If you don’t know let me tell you there are more than thousands of books on the Internet store on remote work and virtuality and about how to work remotely. What do you think? Why is it? Because of the remote work if one of the hardest tasks to do and to follow.

You can create a good remote work culture if you follow some little but most important things. Make sure your team members know every time what is going on in the company. They should not feel like extracted. The communication should be flow smoothly. Everyone who is doing remote work should feel connected and heard.

If you are a manager, team leader, Founder, and CEO, it is your responsibility that your team should feel safe, seen, and heard. It can be through phone calls or video calls. Do whatever but get them all together. That was all about How To Run A Company Remotely If There Is Quarantine Outside. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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