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Ø Are you looking for your future………!!

Looking for your promotion, for your up-gradation, for your placement, for changing job and what so ever it may be…

Ø Time is a major factor…..!!

“Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Creeps in this pretty pace from day to day

To the last instant of recorded time 

And all our yesterdays have lighted us

The way to dusty death. ” 

-William Shakespeare {Macbeth)

It is a matter of time when to punch and how to dig out the fruits of deeds potentially stored, which is generally missed by us all. We have no records of our deeds literally. Knowingly or unknowingly it is being recorded by the stars gazing at us from high sky.

Ø What is the dilemma of destiny….!!

We are at squares to know nothing about our destiny and the path to follow.  Destiny is inviting us to extend it’s both hands but we don’t understand the language of destiny. It is more precise more accurate. Talent is of no use if you don’t understand the symbolic language of the path you have to follow. It’s why a pragmatic person overtakes your talented skill and leads you unwillingly you have to follow the boss to whom you think is fake, more foolish, and stupid.

·      How to solve it ?

You can capture the time in time not afterward. You have to be alert to hear the sound of time reminding you repeatedly. You always repent on your deeds; you have lost the chance of promotion a chance of progress. Mind it that astrology is a science to reveal our acts of the past, by the position at birth, at the time of action. It tells you the defects of the past, pros, and cons of the present adventurous fruitful plans for the future.

Ø Nature of Time…!!

We are forced to maintain the flow of time, making us continuously change position and create movements. We are actually flying through space on a rotating sphere. According to the nature of time, this movement, having a beginning, must also have an end. This is what the cycle of time reveals. Ups and downs are the parts of this Time; we have to go through the passage of time. So mind and mend the time you are going through. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. To know the pulse of time you have to consult a good astrologer who could read your past present and the future by looking at the positions of stars at the birth chart and progressively the trend of variability by the transit of planets in consequence with your knowledge and talent.                      

Ø  Shaleenjobs is here for your ready recurrence…

Don’t bother Shaleenjobs will attend you and your problems in all respects. It has a special wing to solve your progress and promotions according to your talent and capacities. The expert and specialized astrologer Pt. Harishchandra Sharma is a master’s in mathematics and an astrologer inherently. He has studied in depth the different aspects of astrology and astronomy. He is evenly master of the Vedic, Jyotish as well as the concept of Ptolemy, Leo, Sepherial and other foreign astrologers. He agreed to serve with us, it is a matter of joy.  

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