Why Don’t You Have The Life You Want?

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We are in the decade of comfort. Everything starts with technology and ends with technology. It has determined to give all the things that we need in exchange for little money and effort. The side effect is we just want to stay comfortable in our zone and that creates a trap for us. In the world where Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Spotify, BigBasket, no one wants to do the hard work. You must think why should we? We should because we are humans, being comfort break us. We need to understand the difference between comfort and happiness. There is a proven fact that without hard work there is no happiness. Whatever it is, the car, promotion, high salary job, invention, or a delicious meal, everything consists of hard work and passion. You will understand in this article why don’t you have the life you want?

We get so much habitual of the comfort that we forget our greatness. We just expect that everything should come to us easily. We don’t give our 100% to any of that. The thing is if you’ll never try that one push-up, you’ll never feel strong. If you are not ready to feel uncomfortable, you will never be happiest. Here Is the one thing that is stopping you from getting the life you want.

Why Don’t You Have The Life You Want?

Don’t build castles in the air

When I was 18, I spent all my day building dreams on how I am going to be a millionaire one day and about all the ideas. I used to talk to my best friend about business ideas and every single potential way to solve the problems. We never did a thing or never took an action to perform it or to apply that idea. We were just busy in dreaming. Almost 20 years old and I realize I have to do something before it gets too late.

That is what we are. Many of us spend the most valuable time of our lives in just dreaming everything. That is the reason, Why Don’t You Have The Life You Want? The key is to take action. The key is to experience everything. You are not born to being in the comfort zone all the time. You need to fail, you need to get rejected, you need to get hurt in order to get the milestone.

Be kind. Be humble. Work with what you have got. Follow your dreams and do take action. Stay consistent and have patience.

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