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Is there any better way than the effective team-building exercises you have? Imagine having your team and employees gather in a circle and you all are having a breakup with the workday. We are not going to discuss here the sports trophy. But you have some indoor activities that will be fun. If you accomplish something with your team and your projects are done successfully, this is the time to celebrate the success. And also it proves to be the great break that everyone deserves in your organization. A company or organization is known for its culture. And, if you are the owner of the company or even if you are a team member, take the responsibility that every person in the company should feel that they are in the right place. Make time for effective team-building exercises and make your company a better space for coworkers to bond.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”   -Michael Jordan

#1. Storyteller

Storyteller is the game known for storytelling and builds team bonding. It is also an informal training that allows and encourages members to share their experiences and tell the stories of their workplace. Through this, they rewind old memories and get to know about each other. The minimum no of players should be 5.

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How to play – Sit in a circle. Make a box or bowl of paper shits which include words like ‘work’, ‘partnership’, ‘inspiration’, ‘competitive’, ‘first day’, ‘motivation’, etc. Ask team members to randomly choose the chit, read and tell the story according to the work they have got.

#2. Memory wall

The memory wall helps you to re-live the memories of the team. A wall which seems to be welcoming and create a positive environment around. It will connect the whole organization and helps in building a happy environment. The no of minimum participants should be 10.

memory wall, work culture, wall of memories, picture wall, The Effective Team Building Exercises

How to play – Give each team member a paper, a tape and a marker to write. You can also give them sticky notes that should not be small in size. Tell all members to survey the whole workplace. Give them 10-15 minutes to write down the memories and experience until now. After the time up, ask them to place their papers or notes to the wall with the help of a tape.

#3. The white Canvas

The game ‘white napkin’ will foster relationships, improves productivity, build confidence in team members and improves creativity. It also helps all team members to think and do out of their comfort zone. The game requires a minimum 10 participants.

The white Canvas, The Effective Team Building Exercises

How to play – Ask every participant to come up with endless problems. It can be business problems, can be related to a product, and environmental problems. Divide all participants and make 3 or 4 teams. You can make extra if team members are more. Give each team a canvas and a marker and tell them to draw problems in the form of a sketch or graph. You can ask them to make doodles if you want to add more fun. Evaluate all of them and offer a prize for the best solution.

#4. The Magazine Coverage

Who doesn’t want to be featured on a magazine cover? The teams have to create a magazine cover by their imagination and creative skills. The cover design can be based on a business project or a successful accomplishment. Ask the team to get suitable pictures, quotes, and headlines. This game inspires you all to think bigger. There is no particular no of participants needed. You can have any.

The Magazine Coverage, The Effective Team Building Exercises

How to play – Give topics to your team members upon which they can design the cover. You can also divide them into small groups of the team of 2 or 3 members. Give them paper, markers, colors, pens and anything else they will need for the creation. Ask them to write quotes, catchy headlines and make it more creative as much as they can. In the end, choose the most create a magazine cover and give the team a reward.

#5. Radio play

You can also make your own movie in this place, but if you have some team members that are shy in front of the camera. What would you do? You have this alternative called ‘radio play’. Well, this is the game that is based on an evergreen concept. It supports small teams and small space too. You can have any no of participants. It improves teamwork and time management.

Radio play, The Effective Team

How to play – Arrange the equipment which includes notebooks, pens, markers, microphones, chart papers, or you can have props too if you want sound effects. Divide the participants into teams. Give the teams options to choose a theme. Give them 30 minutes to write the play and 30 minutes to perform. It is a radio play so it is audio-only. Reward the best play.

Moving on to you!

These 5 games or activities are based on the size of your team and your goals. There are many activities like these to play indoor with your whole team. If you want a strong team-building improvement or for a change, you can play these games. It will not also effective team-building exercises but a way of fun and celebration too.

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