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Why goals are important?

Having goals and dreams means you are living your life. And, if you don’t have goals that mean you are surviving. Having Goals in life are the most important part of life as everything starts from it. It is true that the path towards reaching your goals is not always easy that it seems but they always lead to a better life. How to have goals in life are the reason to give us sense and maturity of purpose.

“Well begun is half done.”- Aristotle

He was right! One of the most effective ways of reaching the goal is paying attention to them. How we set our goals is to define us and how we achieve them makes us feel motivated and better.

In our blog ‘Keys to smart goal setting, we have discussed how to set smart goals and the 5 keys behind it. In this article, we are again about to go in-depth. The clear fact is if you want to get the success you need to set goals keeping in mind the five keys. Having the right and clear goals lead to the right direction and give you focus and attention. You can’t just say ‘I want this’ and expect it to happen. You need to focus and work upon it. You have to do a lot of hard work actually than it looks.

Start Here!

“Tragedy in your life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” -Benjamin Mays


The first and most important one is to know what do you want from your life? What lifestyle do you want to live in? Think about it deeply until you found your end goal. The end goal should be to motivate you and make you happy. It should be important for you. You can take help from a 5-year plan. Take a pen and paper or diary, it can be your journal. Write down your 10 goals or 10 priorities on it. Now, think about it deeply and find out 5 most important priorities from it, write down all 5 in the next column. Finally, decide what is your topmost priority in the 5 priorities. And like this, you will find your end goal.

Tip: Make sure you sit in a silent place where you don’t get disturbed. It can be easy for you to focus and decide.

Journalize them

After getting sure about what you want in the end, write down daily affirmations in your journal. Be careful! Write down your goals smartly. Break your end goal into short term goals. It can be quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. Decide accordingly and work on them every single day. Ask yourself, how will you feel after accomplishing it? Keep remembering yourself how much it is important for you. Write I want and I do, rather than the negative ones like I don’t want or I can’t.

Share & Believe

Now, this is the step where you can build your dreams or lose them. It mostly depends on to whom you are sharing your dreams and if you believe in it. It is important that you share your dreams with someone who understands you. It can be your parents or your best friend. Sharing your dreams with someone can be effective for you and you will be more likely to stick at them.

Second thing is, in order to get succeed in what you decide, you have to believe it. Believe that you can and you will. Work with all your strengths and work on all your weaknesses. Improve yourself every single day.

Plan the First

This is often the most challenging step of the whole process. They say the journey of 1000 miles starts with one step. While you are working just think about the first step and nothing else. It will not only help you to get started but help you to focus. To start the first step you need to do research. You can take the help of books or get guidance from a mentor. Plan your first step accordingly and after completing it plan the next one and so on.


Focus the most crucial and difficult thing in a world full of chaos. It can be frustrating for you if you let things distracting you. Take the help of things that keep you move towards. If you are facing struggles take the help of your mentors or friends. You will get more ideas and ways to reach there. If you feel like quitting, don’t worry take a break and then start again. Through this, you stay motivated and focused. Re-read your goals and dreams daily in the morning just after waking up as it is an effective remedy.

Its a party time!

A celebration is also important when you complete your goal. When you complete a step make time to celebrate and thank the ones who helped you through the process. Think about what have you learned along the process. Always review your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes. You will become a better person day by day if you follow this rule.

Don’t forget to comment down what are your mantras for reaching the goals.

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