Advance Jobs

Get applications, filter them, check them for their interests, eligibility and fisiability, shortlist them and then finally interview them. And you can track everything.

Create drafts for your multiple position requirements and post them whenever you are ready for the recruiting process.

Create multiple users for multiple organizations

Easy and transparent Recharge System to access all our services

Recharge and access all our products and services with our Shaleenjobs Wallet System.

Referral Network to promote your Job

Shaleenjobs Referral System brings you an easy and powerful tool to help you promote your job post through our Referral Network at 0 cost.

Design a Career Page for your Company effortlessly

Design your company’s Career Page with our easy-to-use Career Page Designer and manage your Jobs. You can also integrate the page with your website’s Career Page for centralized management.

All our Job Posting Options

Free Classified Job

All your requirements are posted in this section and you start getting applications from our portal. You only pay for the applications you open. Your recruiter can then filter and shortlist them as per your convenience through our online tools.

Display Classified Job

Similar to the free classified except you don’t pay for each application and instead a fixed amount is charged in the beginning and then you can access all the applications thereafter.

Premium Job

Post all your requirements, as applications start receiving, use our powerful online tool to complete all the processes required from filtering to joining. You will have to pay one time fees for all this.

E-Hire Job

In this, you will pay a fixed fee and a limited number of interviewed applicants will be provided from which you can finalize and hire. Once your requirements are posted and candidates have applied, we filter, shortlist and interview and find best-fit applicants. Then you can use our system for further procedures like offer letter, joining, EBS etc.

Paid Job

In this, you just give your requirements and we will take care of the rest. Filtering, Shortlisting, Interviewing, Joining, Negotiations, Offer Letter, EBS Checks, Replacements, etc. The cost of this solution is approximately one month salary of the candidate joined.