Why it is important to keep your employees motivated’?

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It is a common thought for managers, why it is important to keep your employees motivated while they’re working. Employees want to see how their work helping you to reach company’s goals or objectives, they want to see how their goals and your goals are connected. Setting right goals in right direction with proper planning make this connection between you and your employees. By initiating targets and work towards you’re making your employees powerful so that they can give your company instant outcomes. 

Ask yourself, how do I get involved in reaching their targets?

Your job is to provide the hands to them that they can work appropriately to their capability and succeed on their own. They must feel easiness in every room of target you provide.

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”

  • Goals must be reachable, but challenging.

Employees who don’t understand their role in larger goals of an organization, won’t be able to see how they can be effective to the company. Your employees need to understand the bigger image of the company when anything goes wrong. No matter at what post employee at, they should be able to see the company’s end goal and how his efforts can help to reach that goal.

Ask your employees to write down the targets that contribute to the company’s goal, after the draft discuss them in detail if it is realistic and reachable. Your employees might think that the goals are challenging enough or hard to complete. Give them that needed motivation that we can do this together and we can’t miss this opportunity. Remember poorly set goals can affect person’s moral and productivity and this can also affect to the whole organization.

  • Make a plan & watch progress

Once the goal is decided, ask you each employee what plans they’re having in their mind. If it is a bigger project then may be you need to break down it in small objectives or targets. Discuss about the risks and failures that might be occur during accomplisment. Ask them, are you ready for that. Then solve the probelems and queries with them and influence them to stay energetic and get the job done.

Your employees may found troubles during the work. Discuss all the short-term and long-term objectives on a regular basis with them. Sometimes each and every employee need coaching and feedback to ensure that they are doing well. If your employee is a fresher ask them what type of coaching they’re needed.

  • When goals are’nt met & things go wrong!

There are times, when your employees lose morale or they failed to reach their goals, there may be times when everything seems out of control or may be your employees start losing hope. In this time, make sure you don’t let them lose their confidence and motivation. Sometimes, the mind gets affected by the surrounding or personal life and at that moment you can’t tell your employees that ‘What the hell you did to my company’ or whatever. Remember to stay polite and kind always. Ask them to share the probelems with you. Ask them to tell where they are lacking or what are the things that  are out of their control. You need to figure out what went wrong, why and how it can be solve. Be willing to reflect yourself in their goals or targets and help them to face out the challenges that they are facing. Give a commitment to your employees, your team and your organization as well. It is one of the most important answer to why it is important to keep your employees motivated.

  • Don’t forget your personal growth.

Because management begins with you. What you feel, how you behave will reflects your surroundings and everything in that. While you’re working towards the company’s objectives, remember to work on yourself everyday. Being a leader you should be able to manage everything, your morale should be higher when things go out of control, you should have a positive and polite attitude towards everything and everyone. Wake up early, make time for everything, get that coffee, keep exercising, read books, take healthy diet, learn everyday,be punctual, face challenges, ask yourself every moring, Am I a better one than yesterday?, and make sure you never run from the responsibilities and duties towards yourself and your employees as well. The first duty of you is making sure your employees get successful. Be a good leader, but before that be a good person!

  • Finally, don’t be a boss, be a leader.

Now what is the difference between the two? Being a  leader means to create an environment of coaching and mentoring that your employees found grateful in it. Prioritize employee recognition and their words and that will leads to motivation, productivity in environment. Don’t let your employees feel that they’re stuck. Don’t stop working on them. An organization often have few good managers and make sure you’re one of them.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I a good one or I need to be better?’ You will get the answer of why it is important to keep your employees motivated. Being trully effective leader means you divert your employees towards a better life to keep growing and developing themselves. Everyone knows how messy and chaotic a manager’s life but how they balance everything is all that make them a ‘leader’. Make your employees trust you. Always say, ‘I am your friend’ rather than ‘I am your boss’.

Many people think that corporate sectors are always chaotic or full of mess and disgusting, but they don’t understand that people in the place make the environment. It is your responsibility to make a good network and surrounding. You need to coordinate and manage your team everytime.

“Leadership is not a title, it’s a behaviour. Live it.”

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